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Price computing machines are an excellent option as deli scales for both large and small capacity delis. The versatility and accuracy of our products ensures that our diverse customers can find a suitable unit to meet the growing needs of their business. We also offer high quality, reliable scale services and repairs to keep you moving.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable price-computing retail scale for your shop or restaurant, ATOM Scales has the answer. We now offer new dual-range price computing scale, ideal for retail weighing and price computing tasks in a variety of commercial settings.

The features of our Price Computing Scales are that they are sleek with a sturdy exterior that brings an aura of elegance to retail counters. With ABS plastic housing, the weight measuring scale is lightweight and durable enough to endure the demands of any retail establishment where pricing is based on weight.

A large, stainless steel pan is adequately sized to hold a variety of food and containers used in take-away restaurants. To maintain tidiness, the pan removes easily to allow speedy and thorough cleaning between transactions. This is important, as food retailers must adhere to health and hygiene guidelines. The sealed keypad keeps out dirt and spills encountered during use.

Perfect for farmer’s market or roadside produce stands, they work with AC connector or battery, so they can work even where power isn’t accessible. Rubber feet offer dependability on work areas, tables, counter or unsteady surfaces, bringing about steady and exact readings.

Price computing scales are trade approved and can be used for weighing products that are intended to be sold by weight.