The Atom Scale is a highly precise and compact pocket scale weighing machine. It is excellent in durability. This digital scale is a perfect companion for those who have a jewellery business.

The best advantage of the device is its clear green backlight LED display. The display makes it easy for a person to read all the information very clearly. It also has a protective cover which becomes a weighing tray as well. This device also has a high precision sensor that ensures the accurate weigh in every measurement.

This advanced pocket scales compute in gm, tl, ct, and oz and furthermore changes between units right away at only a press of a button.

It is small in size so becomes very portable and easy to carry anywhere comfortably.

It is very easy to clean the scale as well.

I would give a 5-star rating to this product.

-Manoj Shukla, UP

For a few years I was using an analog weighing machine but to take things further I bought this one. I think this is the best Fat Analyser machine available online. It has multiple uses other than just measuring the weight it measures a lot of things

1. Body Fat %
2. Muscle Mass
3. Body Mass Index
4. Body Mass
5. Fat-free body weight
6. Body Water

It also saves your data every time you measure so that it can share your progress next time you measure.

You can also create multiple profiles on the app so more than one person can use this scale. It’s a complete family scale.

-Sonia Jadhav, Mumbai

It is a good value for money kitchen weighing scale that comes with a number of quality features. It is best for all the professionals, fitness freaks, and people on a diet. It has very good accuracy and its design is very attractive and the scale is also very portable.

The Tare option is one of the best features you can find in any weighing scale which lets you use a home pan or bowl to weigh multiple items. It is highly convenient, lightweight, and easy to use.

It is a digital weighing machine that works on an AAA battery without bothering about electric connection. It comes with a round steel tray that’s easy to clean. It has multiple weighing modes where OZ mode is helpful for following international recipes.

I bought this scale for my mother’s daily use in the kitchen as she believes in measuring the ingredients before cooking. She was very happy to have such an easy to carry kitchen scale.

-Sarah Malhotra, Delhi

Purchased a luggage scale as of late and it has ended up being very valuable and accurate! Before I used to weigh my baggage on a personal scale but now I chose to get a scale that is specially made for luggage weighing, and by doing so it helped me travel worry-free and lightened the embarrassment of having to repack my baggage at the airport.

The scale has a sleek design with a bright clear LED display and portable enough to keep in the pocket of my bag. It likewise has various weighing modes and it is helpful to change from KG to LBS while traveling out to nations like the USA or CANADA.

The scale’s best feature is the locking system which locks the weight of the bag after suspending on the hook.

A genuine all in one baggage weighing device and satisfy all the boxes for affordability, performance, and quality.

-Rajiv Thakur, Jaipur

Being a vegetable vendor in the Vashimarket it was very difficult for me to calculatethe total amount to charge my customers, so I had to keep a calculator with me. After weighing the products I used to calculate the price on the calculator which was a time-consuming process and you know people are always in a hurry when they come to shop groceries in the market.

So a friend recommended a Price Computing Scale to me. With this scale, I was able to weigh and get the price to charge both on the same screen, and also the customers were aware of the weight and how much they had to pay.

The scale is perfect for delis, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets. The scale is very accurate and has a dual display so even the customers can see the weight and price and can store up to 4 unit prices.

The scale had a bright red LED display which helped in seeing the weight and total price clearly. It also had a LED brightness adjustment button.

The scale was delivered to me in the perfect working condition because the scale was perfectly wrapped.

-Baburao, Vashi