3 scales every household must have

Weighing scales are utilized for estimating the weight of an object or an individual precisely. It is used by manufacturers, sellers, retailers, shop owners and in homes. There are various types of weighing scales dependent on capacity, model, and cost. It can measure weight from milligrams to kilograms. It’s evident why businesses need it. But why should one have a weighing scale at home? We recommend not 1 but 3 scales every household must have. Let’s understand the essential reason for these weighing scales to be present in each house.

Kitchen Scale

It’s amazing how different recipes can be affected by small changes in its ingredients. A kitchen scale can have a significant effect on food prep. We all know that baking is a science, and science requires precise measurements. More often than not, we depend on old measuring cups to carry out the job. Measuring by volume alone can create varying outcomes and if you take that inaccurate measure and add it to a tricky recipe like a chocolate soufflé, you’re bound to get inaccurate results. Instead of relying on measuring cups, it’s best to measure with a scale that will give you the most accurate reading.

If you’re trying to be more mindful about your eating, a scale is a great way to stay on track. With a kitchen scale, you can measure your portion size accurately to know the number of calories and the number of other nutrients you’re getting.

For eg: If you’re on a diet which tells you to eat 250 g of mixed salad, and you want to make 2-3 servings at a time you will need to increase the ingredients accordingly. So the kitchen scale is used to measure the portion of each ingredient and get the same taste.

Also, with the internet making us connected to people from all over the world, we are always trying out new dishes. Most times, the recipes become confusing with different measuring units. With a kitchen scale, you will be able to change over measurements from ounces to grams, and so forth easily.

Body Weighing Scale

A body weighing scale is one of the most important accessories one should possess if he/she is health-conscious. We all know the fact that “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. We have to keep our body healthy to have a healthy mind.

If you are planning to get fit, then one of the first things that you need is one of the best body weighing scales so that you can keep track of your body weight, in real-time. There are various exercises that you can try out, from Yoga to swimming to get rid of those extra calories. Essentially, you do not know if your workouts have been that successful or not if you don’t weigh yourself. It also helps to get an accurate picture of your body and by extension, your health. Experts suggest that if one checks his/her weight in the morning without eating any food or drinking water, one can acquire the exact bodyweight.

The absolute best body weighing scales often come with different features and advanced usefulness. They can not only measure your current weight but can measure your water weight, lean muscle mass, muscle versus fat analysis, and give you a full body analysis. Some can even give you calorie recommendations on top of everything else.

Body Weighing Scale can also be used to weigh heavy parcel boxes which you do not want to lift or they are difficult to be suspended on a hanging scale. You can just place the box on the body of the scale and can check the weight of the box.

Luggage Weighing Scale

It has happened to all of us – we buy some souvenirs on tour for our friends and family back home and end up paying an excess baggage fee at the airport. Or at times, we pack a few more outfits for our holiday but later regret it. We don’t realise how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of a trip and either underestimate or overestimate as to how heavy our luggage is. In the case of the former, we curse ourselves for over packing, but in the case of the latter, we regret not bringing a few more items with us.

Next time, save yourself the headache and purchase a Luggage Scale before your trip.

A luggage scale comprises of a hook or strap attached to a handle where you get the readings. All you have to do is hook or strap your luggage bag and lift it. Make sure that the bag doesn’t touch the ground. Stand on a higher platform if needed. You can take the help of a stronger friend if your luggage is too heavy for you to lift. Opt for a compact scale which is portable and lightweight and always remember to carry in on your vacations.

When you’re not travelling, you can use your luggage scales to weigh the groceries you had ordered online to check whether you have received them as per the amount you have paid. This way, you can never be cheated. Similarly, when you get gas cylinder delivered at home you can check the weight of the cylinder to verify that the cylinder is full with the gas. Because many a times the cylinder is properly sealed but still feels lighter than other cylinders. This is possible if the gas may have leaked or the gas was not filled properly. So you can on the spot check the weight of the cylinder.

Also, when you send your house help to buy groceries in the market even they can carry the luggage scale because it easy to carry. They can weigh each item they buy if they doubt the vendor. This scale is also very helpful when you want to give away your old newspapers or magazines. When the Raddhiwala comes to your house to collect them, you can weigh the old newspaper and magazines with your own scale to be sure of the weight.

Now that you know about the uses of different types of scales, make sure to place an order and get them for yourself. These scales help in day-to-day activities and make work easy. The factors to keep in mind while buying any scale are weight capacity, durability, accuracy, skid-proof feature, backlit display, and cost. So check out our wide range of products under each category and select the most suitable ones for yourself.

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