ATOM A 102 Jewellery Scale

A jewellery weighing scale is one of the most significant weighing scale accessible in the market. Choosing the right Jewellery scale according to your requirement is an overwhelming task. It requires thought for a couple of significant factors like the size of the pan, clear display, capacity, and so on at the time of purchasing it. Also, using an uncalibrated type of a Jewellery scale gets you a wrong result. Maintaining the scale assures you a solid and exact outcome constantly. It’s important for these scales to give high precise estimations and meet your expectations.

Our A 102 jewellery scale brings you the most exact estimations and is used to weigh expensive metals in grams and carats. It also helps decide the value of metals in the market. Being a precise and certified type of Jewellery scale, it guarantees that the cost for the product is in accordance with the current market cost.

A 102 is easy to use scale and weighs from 0.1g to 1000g. It upholds 4 weighing modes, which can fulfill a wide range of precise measurements. It is accompanied with protective covers, which additionally can be utilized as a weighing plate. The ABS plastic chassis and stainless steel weighing pan make it dust-proof and simple to clean. It is the best assistant regardless of what’s being weighed. It could be jewellery, gold coins, medicines, baking substances, spices, or preparing material.

What we love the most are the Extra-large buttons on the scale that allow you to control it even with soiled hands. You can also switch easily between different weighing modes to use tare, and piece counting function easily.

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about -one of our best sellers – Atom A 102 Jewellery scale. Order your Atom A 102 Jewellery Weighing Scale directly on our site.

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