ATOM A 126

ATOM A126 Electronic scale is a widely used kitchen scale. At the point when you are cooking or baking, the ATOM A126 Digital Scale will give you the assurance of an expert gourmet specialist through exact and steady ingredient estimations. Estimating ingredients by volume utilizing cups and tablespoons can be contrary.You can undoubtedly over-pack some flour by 25% when you scoop flour straightforwardly out of the sack, which is sufficient to dry out your chocolate chip treats!

Measuring by weight with a scale will give you the certainty that your ingredients are estimated precisely, without fail. It is beneficial in Laboratory and Industrial use also.


The scale is equipped with a high precision “Strain-Gauge” sensor system which helps in displaying the exact outcome from 10kg to 1g.


Various Buttons presents on the scale helps you to weight your item more decisively.

PCS Key function helps in counting the same weight objects kept on the weighing platform. In this function you need to feed in the weight of one object and then add all the objects of the same weight. So the scale will divide the total weight with the weight of the one object and provide you the number of objects kept on the weighing pan.

The “TARE” function will give a net weight and remove the weight of the container in which the ingredients are kept.

The “MODE” work helps you to pick the best possible unit you need to weigh in. You can select your weighing mode from gm, tl, ct and oz.


Clear & Bright Green LCD with High-contrast green LCD screen.
This ensures all of your estimation results are clearly show on an LCD display making it easy to read.

Large Surface Area
Atom A-126 Scale gives you an enormous surface area which is easy to clean and beneficial to utilize. Put your weighing item on the large surface to get an accurate measurement.

Low Battery Indicator & Auto on/off Function
You can save the battery as the auto power-off/on element consequently turns off when you are not utilizing the gadget.

Tare Function
TARE Feature is used for setting the unfilled holder weight to zero, so the scale just shows the weight of the material being weighed in the holder.

Weigh more modest ingredients and fluids inside the included bowl without estimating the bowl itself.

Cut down on planning time so you can make the most of your dinner quickly.

Different Weighing Modes
ATOM A126 helps you to Measures in a variety of weighing metrics.

Unit button converts 4 units of measurements (gm, tl, ct, oz)

Instructions for better use

  1. Put the kitchen scale on a hard & flat surface.
  2. Press the “ON/OFF” key and the scale will be zero out of 3 Seconds.
  3. Put the items that will be weighted into the holder, the weight will show up on the display.

This scale has 2-way power.
– 1.5V *2AA Battery (included)
– 9V AC/DC Adaptor optional (not included)

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about one of our best sellers. Order your Atom A 126 Kitchen Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.

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