ATOM A 350 Hanging Scale

We offer a range of high design commercial hanging weighing scales with a creative edge. Our best seller A 350 hanging scale comes with a compact, vigorous, 150 mm/6″ width dial housed in the customary metal case along with top and bottom hooks.

This scale features a traditional dial which is very easy to read not forgetting the fact that it gives unbiased readings. On top of that, the dial has been made from quality materials to make sure that it has long durability. This scale’s edges have been made using rust-proof material. Our A 350 is incredible for farming, automobile, processing plants, gas chamber, transporting, and numerous other weighing tasks.

Listing below everything you need to know about this scale before you decide to buy it!

– Zero Adjustment Screw

Just rotate this button manually enough to get the scale to come back to zero and the scale will go back to zero. So when you weigh again, it will be accurate.

– Heavy Duty Design

Assembled with intense and rough solid glass, our simple hanging scale withstands it all and has a rustproof aluminum body.

– S shaped Hook

The things to weigh can be easily suspended as the scale has 2 wide S formed hooks which can be utilized accordingly as and when needed.

– Thermocol packing

With this packing the product does not get damaged while delivery and also you can store it safely after use.

We have 3 variants of the A 350:

50 200
100 500
200 1 Kg

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about our best-seller A 350 hanging scale. Order your Atom A 350 Circular Hanging Weighing Scale directly from us on our website.

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