Allow us to ask you this, how would you keep a tab on your body weight? We might want to accept that you are not among those people who consistently ‘guess’ what their body weight could be. We realize that you make a decent attempt to accomplish your fitness goals and one should evaluate if their attempts are advancing in the correct direction. The simplest and the best method to do this, is to continue measuring your body weight. Checking your weight week after week or month to month is an amazing practice for any fitness fan. So it’s reasonable to have your own compact weighing scale at home with the goal that you can examine your advancement anytime you need to.

An individual weighing scale is a fitness monitor not only for you but your whole family. ATOM AL 610 is our best-seller when it comes to personal weighing needs. Here’s why.

Efficient Monitoring With Unmatched Accuracy
The ATOM AL 610 personal weighing scale provides you with precise reading with extraordinary performance to guarantee a healthier life. The personal weighing scale quantifies everything with the most extreme precision and its sensors. Place the personal weighing scale on a flat, hard surface to measure the weight.

Advanced Auto Step on Technology
This easy to use scale highlights auto-step-on innovation, i.e., the scale shows prompt reading when somebody steps on the scale. Step off the scale, and it will reset to “0.0” and turn off automatically so that there is no issue to turn off or on the scale.

Multiple Measuring Units
The scale permits you to measure your weight in multiple units – kilogram and pound. You can change the units by tapping the unit button at the rear of the scale.

Easy To Operate

  • Select the kg/lb by pressing the unit button on the rear of the scale.
  • Place the scale on the level hard surface as it were.
  • Step on the weighing platform and stay still until weight shows up.
  • Step off and the scale will simply turn off the scale.

Important Note for First Time Use and Relocation

  • Press the weighing scale platform and remove your foot.
  • The scale will show ‘0.0’.
  • The scale will turn off and will be ready to utilize now.

Exquisite Features

  • Strong 6mmTempered Glass
  • Wide Green LCD Backlight
  • Low Power Indicator
  • Square shaped, coloured glass with BMI Print on platform
  • Anti-Skid Base
  • 180 kg Weight Capacity
  • Ultra Slim Body

Care & Maintenance

  • Store and use the scale in a safe and dry areas
  • Clean with a delicate damp material. Evade abrasive cleaners.
  • Remove batteries if not being used.

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about one of our bestsellers. Order your Atom AL 610 Personal Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.

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