Dos and Don’ts for a Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scales are great tool for many different uses, such as weighing food, ingredients and inbaking. It is important to keep your digital scale in its perfect condition to ensure it provides accurate and precise readings. Atom’s Kitchen scales come with a quick start up guide which includes step by step guidelines on how to weigh accurately on your scale.

In this blog, we will provide some important tips to make sure that you use your scale correctly to weigh things.

Dos for the Kitchen Scale –
1. Remove the scale from the box and place it on a flat, hard and even surface.
2. To activate the batteries remove the plastic seal.
3. Press the Tare Button to reset to 0 or to subtract the weight of the container before use.
4. Ensure you have set the desired weighing modeeg. (kg) for correct reading.
5. When storing, remove the batteries to avoid leakage which can spoil the scale.

Don’ts for the Kitchen Scale –
1. Do not use the scale in the box or in your hand. Readings will be inaccurate.
2. Do not place the scale under a fan or another air source while weighing. Readings will fluctuate according to the speed of the air flow.
3. Do not keep dead weight on the scale while not in use. This may damage the sensor in the scale.
4. Do not splash/spill water on the scale. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
5. Do not exceed the maximum capacity or press the weighing pan with your hands. This may overload the sensor.
6. Avoid using the scale with the soiled hands to prevent oil and masala going inside the scale which is very difficult to clean.

Hope this blog helps you in weighing food, ingredients and other kitchen weighing needs accurately. Order your Kitchen Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.

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