How to use the piece counting function of a scale

PIECE COUNTING SCALES use high precision strain gauges to measure precisely the weight of an object to compute number of pieces. These counting scales are flexible weighing machines that can be utilized for counting and weighing objects at the same time. Ordinary scales only include checking weight. Counting scales come in a variety of sizes that can be utilized on a work desk or a floor separately and are ideal for quality control centres, retail warehouses, production facilities and factory environments.

A counting scale does not only weigh, but also includes the number of pieces in a lot. It does this by using a sample weight (either the first piece, or a weight you enter yourself through the keypad) and dividing the total weight by the weight of the sample.

Remember that the scale counts by dividing the complete weight by the sample weight.So you can’t put screws and bolts of different weights and get the right result. It only works with items that all have the same weight.

Counting scales are particularly common in quality assurance offices and retail distribution centres for checking the number of pieces in a lot before being endorsed for dispatch.In addition, other manufacturing based businesses such as printers, CD manufacturers, metal workers and plumbing supply companies often use counting scales. For instance, plumbing supply organizations can count the number of copper fittings they have left in a box, or update their equipment tally without having to physically check each piece.They are also very useful for inventory taking, manufacturing and packaging. They allow you to not only check the number of pieces in a lot, but also to create lots that always have the right amount of material, and are perfect for counting a large amount of the same material.

Counting scales can also count coins or tokens when closing a store or totalling amounts and help reduce waste when filling packages and containers. The primary benefit of owning a counting scale saves time and money.

As usual, consider your necessities and the applications you need your balance or scale to perform.Don’t hesitate to contact us to if you have questions, and browse our website to see our selection of professional piece counting scales.

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