Baburao, Vashi

Being a vegetable vendor in the Vashimarket it was very difficult for me to calculatethe total amount to charge my customers, so I had to keep a calculator with me. After weighing the products I used to calculate the price on the calculator which was a time-consuming process and you know people are always in a hurry when they come to shop groceries in the market.

So a friend recommended a Price Computing Scale to me. With this scale, I was able to weigh and get the price to charge both on the same screen, and also the customers were aware of the weight and how much they had to pay.

The scale is perfect for delis, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets. The scale is very accurate and has a dual display so even the customers can see the weight and price and can store up to 4 unit prices.

The scale had a bright red LED display which helped in seeing the weight and total price clearly. It also had a LED brightness adjustment button.

The scale was delivered to me in the perfect working condition because the scale was perfectly wrapped.

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