Rajiv Thakur, Jaipur

Purchased a luggage scale as of late and it has ended up being very valuable and accurate! Before I used to weigh my baggage on a personal scale but now I chose to get a scale that is specially made for luggage weighing, and by doing so it helped me travel worry-free and lightened the embarrassment of having to repack my baggage at the airport.

The scale has a sleek design with a bright clear LED display and portable enough to keep in the pocket of my bag. It likewise has various weighing modes and it is helpful to change from KG to LBS while traveling out to nations like the USA or CANADA.

The scale’s best feature is the locking system which locks the weight of the bag after suspending on the hook.

A genuine all in one baggage weighing device and satisfy all the boxes for affordability, performance, and quality.

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