Sarah Malhotra, Delhi

It is a good value for money kitchen weighing scale that comes with a number of quality features. It is best for all the professionals, fitness freaks, and people on a diet. It has very good accuracy and its design is very attractive and the scale is also very portable.

The Tare option is one of the best features you can find in any weighing scale which lets you use a home pan or bowl to weigh multiple items. It is highly convenient, lightweight, and easy to use.

It is a digital weighing machine that works on an AAA battery without bothering about electric connection. It comes with a round steel tray that’s easy to clean. It has multiple weighing modes where OZ mode is helpful for following international recipes.

I bought this scale for my mother’s daily use in the kitchen as she believes in measuring the ingredients before cooking. She was very happy to have such an easy to carry kitchen scale.

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