ATOM A 350 Hanging Scale

We offer a range of high design commercial hanging weighing scales with a creative edge. Our best seller A 350 hanging scale comes with a compact, vigorous, 150 mm/6″ width dial housed in the customary metal case along with top and bottom hooks.

This scale features a traditional dial which is very easy to read not forgetting the fact that it gives unbiased readings. On top of that, the dial has been made from quality materials to make sure that it has long durability. This scale’s edges have been made using rust-proof material. Our A 350 is incredible for farming, automobile, processing plants, gas chamber, transporting, and numerous other weighing tasks.

Listing below everything you need to know about this scale before you decide to buy it!

– Zero Adjustment Screw

Just rotate this button manually enough to get the scale to come back to zero and the scale will go back to zero. So when you weigh again, it will be accurate.

– Heavy Duty Design

Assembled with intense and rough solid glass, our simple hanging scale withstands it all and has a rustproof aluminum body.

– S shaped Hook

The things to weigh can be easily suspended as the scale has 2 wide S formed hooks which can be utilized accordingly as and when needed.

– Thermocol packing

With this packing the product does not get damaged while delivery and also you can store it safely after use.

We have 3 variants of the A 350:

50 200
100 500
200 1 Kg

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about our best-seller A 350 hanging scale. Order your Atom A 350 Circular Hanging Weighing Scale directly from us on our website.

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ATOM A 102 Jewellery Scale

A jewellery weighing scale is one of the most significant weighing scale accessible in the market. Choosing the right Jewellery scale according to your requirement is an overwhelming task. It requires thought for a couple of significant factors like the size of the pan, clear display, capacity, and so on at the time of purchasing it. Also, using an uncalibrated type of a Jewellery scale gets you a wrong result. Maintaining the scale assures you a solid and exact outcome constantly. It’s important for these scales to give high precise estimations and meet your expectations.

Our A 102 jewellery scale brings you the most exact estimations and is used to weigh expensive metals in grams and carats. It also helps decide the value of metals in the market. Being a precise and certified type of Jewellery scale, it guarantees that the cost for the product is in accordance with the current market cost.

A 102 is easy to use scale and weighs from 0.1g to 1000g. It upholds 4 weighing modes, which can fulfill a wide range of precise measurements. It is accompanied with protective covers, which additionally can be utilized as a weighing plate. The ABS plastic chassis and stainless steel weighing pan make it dust-proof and simple to clean. It is the best assistant regardless of what’s being weighed. It could be jewellery, gold coins, medicines, baking substances, spices, or preparing material.

What we love the most are the Extra-large buttons on the scale that allow you to control it even with soiled hands. You can also switch easily between different weighing modes to use tare, and piece counting function easily.

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about -one of our best sellers – Atom A 102 Jewellery scale. Order your Atom A 102 Jewellery Weighing Scale directly on our site.

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ATOM A 126

ATOM A126 Electronic scale is a widely used kitchen scale. At the point when you are cooking or baking, the ATOM A126 Digital Scale will give you the assurance of an expert gourmet specialist through exact and steady ingredient estimations. Estimating ingredients by volume utilizing cups and tablespoons can be contrary.You can undoubtedly over-pack some flour by 25% when you scoop flour straightforwardly out of the sack, which is sufficient to dry out your chocolate chip treats!

Measuring by weight with a scale will give you the certainty that your ingredients are estimated precisely, without fail. It is beneficial in Laboratory and Industrial use also.


The scale is equipped with a high precision “Strain-Gauge” sensor system which helps in displaying the exact outcome from 10kg to 1g.


Various Buttons presents on the scale helps you to weight your item more decisively.

PCS Key function helps in counting the same weight objects kept on the weighing platform. In this function you need to feed in the weight of one object and then add all the objects of the same weight. So the scale will divide the total weight with the weight of the one object and provide you the number of objects kept on the weighing pan.

The “TARE” function will give a net weight and remove the weight of the container in which the ingredients are kept.

The “MODE” work helps you to pick the best possible unit you need to weigh in. You can select your weighing mode from gm, tl, ct and oz.


Clear & Bright Green LCD with High-contrast green LCD screen.
This ensures all of your estimation results are clearly show on an LCD display making it easy to read.

Large Surface Area
Atom A-126 Scale gives you an enormous surface area which is easy to clean and beneficial to utilize. Put your weighing item on the large surface to get an accurate measurement.

Low Battery Indicator & Auto on/off Function
You can save the battery as the auto power-off/on element consequently turns off when you are not utilizing the gadget.

Tare Function
TARE Feature is used for setting the unfilled holder weight to zero, so the scale just shows the weight of the material being weighed in the holder.

Weigh more modest ingredients and fluids inside the included bowl without estimating the bowl itself.

Cut down on planning time so you can make the most of your dinner quickly.

Different Weighing Modes
ATOM A126 helps you to Measures in a variety of weighing metrics.

Unit button converts 4 units of measurements (gm, tl, ct, oz)

Instructions for better use

  1. Put the kitchen scale on a hard & flat surface.
  2. Press the “ON/OFF” key and the scale will be zero out of 3 Seconds.
  3. Put the items that will be weighted into the holder, the weight will show up on the display.

This scale has 2-way power.
– 1.5V *2AA Battery (included)
– 9V AC/DC Adaptor optional (not included)

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about one of our best sellers. Order your Atom A 126 Kitchen Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.

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Allow us to ask you this, how would you keep a tab on your body weight? We might want to accept that you are not among those people who consistently ‘guess’ what their body weight could be. We realize that you make a decent attempt to accomplish your fitness goals and one should evaluate if their attempts are advancing in the correct direction. The simplest and the best method to do this, is to continue measuring your body weight. Checking your weight week after week or month to month is an amazing practice for any fitness fan. So it’s reasonable to have your own compact weighing scale at home with the goal that you can examine your advancement anytime you need to.

An individual weighing scale is a fitness monitor not only for you but your whole family. ATOM AL 610 is our best-seller when it comes to personal weighing needs. Here’s why.

Efficient Monitoring With Unmatched Accuracy
The ATOM AL 610 personal weighing scale provides you with precise reading with extraordinary performance to guarantee a healthier life. The personal weighing scale quantifies everything with the most extreme precision and its sensors. Place the personal weighing scale on a flat, hard surface to measure the weight.

Advanced Auto Step on Technology
This easy to use scale highlights auto-step-on innovation, i.e., the scale shows prompt reading when somebody steps on the scale. Step off the scale, and it will reset to “0.0” and turn off automatically so that there is no issue to turn off or on the scale.

Multiple Measuring Units
The scale permits you to measure your weight in multiple units – kilogram and pound. You can change the units by tapping the unit button at the rear of the scale.

Easy To Operate

  • Select the kg/lb by pressing the unit button on the rear of the scale.
  • Place the scale on the level hard surface as it were.
  • Step on the weighing platform and stay still until weight shows up.
  • Step off and the scale will simply turn off the scale.

Important Note for First Time Use and Relocation

  • Press the weighing scale platform and remove your foot.
  • The scale will show ‘0.0’.
  • The scale will turn off and will be ready to utilize now.

Exquisite Features

  • Strong 6mmTempered Glass
  • Wide Green LCD Backlight
  • Low Power Indicator
  • Square shaped, coloured glass with BMI Print on platform
  • Anti-Skid Base
  • 180 kg Weight Capacity
  • Ultra Slim Body

Care & Maintenance

  • Store and use the scale in a safe and dry areas
  • Clean with a delicate damp material. Evade abrasive cleaners.
  • Remove batteries if not being used.

Hope this blog helps you in knowing everything about one of our bestsellers. Order your Atom AL 610 Personal Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.


Dos and Don’ts for a Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scales are great tool for many different uses, such as weighing food, ingredients and inbaking. It is important to keep your digital scale in its perfect condition to ensure it provides accurate and precise readings. Atom’s Kitchen scales come with a quick start up guide which includes step by step guidelines on how to weigh accurately on your scale.

In this blog, we will provide some important tips to make sure that you use your scale correctly to weigh things.

Dos for the Kitchen Scale –
1. Remove the scale from the box and place it on a flat, hard and even surface.
2. To activate the batteries remove the plastic seal.
3. Press the Tare Button to reset to 0 or to subtract the weight of the container before use.
4. Ensure you have set the desired weighing modeeg. (kg) for correct reading.
5. When storing, remove the batteries to avoid leakage which can spoil the scale.

Don’ts for the Kitchen Scale –
1. Do not use the scale in the box or in your hand. Readings will be inaccurate.
2. Do not place the scale under a fan or another air source while weighing. Readings will fluctuate according to the speed of the air flow.
3. Do not keep dead weight on the scale while not in use. This may damage the sensor in the scale.
4. Do not splash/spill water on the scale. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
5. Do not exceed the maximum capacity or press the weighing pan with your hands. This may overload the sensor.
6. Avoid using the scale with the soiled hands to prevent oil and masala going inside the scale which is very difficult to clean.

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Hope this blog helps you in weighing food, ingredients and other kitchen weighing needs accurately. Order your Kitchen Weighing Scale from us directly on our website.


How do crane scales work?

Scales are utilized in our regular daily lives to keep up and manage the products and materials we need to keep our families and our communities going. Crane scales are commonly used on ships, planes and trains to guarantee the load is moved and thought about fittingly, similarly as in factories and warehouse centres. Crane scales are utilized to quantify both the load and the pressure on the crane. Utilizing digital readouts and printers, labourers can monitor the freight during loading or unloading so they don’t imperil the load or its transportation.

Crane scales are battery operated and we suggest that you charge the scale completely before using and that you keep an extra battery handy. Crane scales generally come packaged in a case with every necessary part. When you connect the hook to the digital readout you should tare the hook from the measurement and afterwards you will have the option to test and guarantee that the loads are being weighed appropriately. You would then be able to change the weighing metrics (pounds to kilograms for instance) and start weighing.

Be aware that it is critical that you know the accurate dimensions of the overhead crane hook before you attach it to the crane scale to ensure that it won’t bind. It is important to have some play between the top loop on the crane scale and the overhead crane hook to ensure correct weights.

By connecting the load to the hook, the digital readout will have the option to disclose to you how much force is being put onto the crane, how much the load weighs and you will at that point have the option to ship the cargo appropriately without issues. Make certain to keep your crane scales calibrated and kept up to get precise reading and information. Crane scales can be carefully associated with a printer so after some time you will have the option to gather and analyse the information.

We strongly recommend that you have a professional installation on larger capacity crane scales, and ATOM Scales can provide this service for you onsite.

Crane scales are regularly utilized in the manufacturing and transport of cargo. Knowing the weight of a load is important while shipping enormous sums via train, plane, or ship because the weight may change the appropriation of the freight, which, if not observed appropriately, could jeopardize the group and the remainder of the cargo being moved. Utilizing crane scales will likewise assist labourers with seeing whether they should get ready different cranes that can handle the weight of the cargo. While many transport and manufacturing cranes are built to withstand an enormous amount of force they can at present break under pressure if not reinforced appropriately or fixed to withstand the force of the cargo.

While manypeople don’t feel that the manufacturing and transportation of goods is a precise science, from various viewpointthe crane scale MUST be in perfect condition to guarantee the wellbeing of those working in the field and the safety of the products.

ATOM Scales offers a wide range of crane scales as well as calibrations and servicing. Our team can assist you with finding the correct crane scale and we have various alternatives to suit practically any spending budget.


Laboratory Balances

Laboratory Balances are very delicate. Their precision can be influenced by a few components including the environment in which they are introduced and how they are taken care of. Here are some of the best practices for using laboratory balances accurately for a longer period of time.

Proper Calibration

Regular calibration enables your scale to give reliable and precise measurements. It is critical to calibrate the scale at the location where it will be utilized. If you do need to move the scale to a new spot, you will need to calibrate it there as well.

Select a Suitable Environment

Factors such as humidity, temperature and air pressure can affect the accuracy of the laboratory scale. In a perfect world, the scale would be put where every one of these factors remains consistent.

Keep the scale in a vibration-free spot to prevent variances in the readings. You can use a vibration-absorbing weighing table. These scales are ideally placed out of direct sunlight and away from HVAC vents as temperature and wind current can influence the scale.

Minimize Sample-Induced Errors

To get a precise weight when utilizing the scale, it is critical to deal with each sample appropriately. Non-conductive model plate-like glass or plastic can pass on an electrostatic charge. This can affect the weighing results. You can limit this by utilizing an ionizer that can eliminate the electrostatic charge.

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Ensure the samples are at room temperature to avoid air currents inside the enclosure. Also, materials that are Hygroscopic ought to be weighed quickly with the balance doors shut to maintain a strategic distance from moisture retention.

Placing the sample on the focal point of the scale will help accomplish more exact measurements. Similarly, be sure the scale is good for weighing the essential increments.

Avoid Contact or Disturbances

Indeed, even fingerprints can influence the weight of the weighing compartment once it is tarred. The body oil on your fingers can add weight and lead to an inaccurate reading. To avoid this, you can utilize container holders or gloves while taking care of the test weights and put the sample on the scale using tweezers.

Keep the Scales Clean

To avoid dirt or dust from influencing the scale, it is helpful to keep the scale clean. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents like solvents. Normally, wet material and a gentle cleanser will be sufficient to clean the scale; ensuring surplus liquid doesn’t spill onto the scale. On the off chance that loose parts are stuck to the scales, utilize a delicate brush to remove them. In the event that the balance is unplugged during cleaning, permit it to heat up before utilizing it once more.


Importance of a Load Cell

A load cell is a transducer which converts force into measurable electrical output. In spite of the fact that there are numerous assortments of power sensors, strain check load cells are the most regularly used type. Except for specific labs where precision mechanical scales are still utilized, strain measure load cells rule the weighing business.

Pneumatic load cells are at times utilized where essential safety and cleanliness is required, and pressure-driven load cells are considered in distant areas, as they don’t need a power supply. Strain measure load cells offer exactness from inside 0.03% to 0.25% full scale and is appropriate for practically all mechanical applications.

Load cells are at the core of how a weighing system functions. For instance, a truck scale lives or dies by its load cells, so keeping them effective is an operator or manager’s first thing to address. Unfortunately, load cells fail frequently. They go through occasions that may diminish their usefulness since they are effectively the weakest part of a weighing or scale system.

Figuring out what turned out badly is similarly as important as knowing or figuring out how to fix it. All things considered, when you know what happened, you can ideally reduce the odds of it happening again later on.

Temperature Changes

Dramatic temperature changes cause the metal to warp. Conventional load cells are manufactured utilizing strain measures, which are sensitive metal pieces. Extraordinary temperature changes will influence the function of the strain gauge and in this manner the load cell. If the load cell is exposed to cold evenings and, at that point hot, direct sunlight or surrounding hardware warms up the region, this can cause incorrectness. To investigate this load cell issue, you may take temperature readings at various occasions, and shield the equipment from the sun to avoid temperature shifts.

Load Cell Response

All load cells require a set time to come back to zero before they can precisely measure another load. In the event that the cycle starts to top off the vessel before the load cell(s) come back to zero, the estimation won’t be precise inside the error tolerance. Allow enough time between estimations for the load cells to settle and reaction time won’t be an issue. To investigate this load cell issue, test the load cell reaction upon the installation and with calibration, to guarantee it stays stable.


Unreasonable vibration, ordinarily from other nearby measures or at times from passing trucks or hefty equipment, can disturb the reading. Investigating this load cell issue may include moving the source of the vibration or moving the load cells and connected equipment. Dampening devices, for example, layers of rubber or plug can likewise absorb the vibration. If the vibration still continues, it can also be electronically sorted through by a weight controller.


Air currents apply power on a load cell that can disturb the weight of the load alone. Generally, this isn’t sufficient to cause a huge error, however solid, consistent wind power can disturb the reading. This might come from intense winds outdoors, or from strong air currents used to prevent dust build-up.


Moisture can likewise hinder the signal from the load cell to the weight controller. Moisture, maybe from steam, extreme humidity, or device washing, frequently enters the load cell through the cable entry area. Airtight Sealing will keep dampness from harming the load cell and internal parts.


To stay accurate, load cells require regular calibration. A standard maintenance program is the most ideal approach to keep steady over vital maintenance. In the event that the load cell isn’t calibrated, it is more vulnerable to each type of interference. At the point when you are making repairs to the load cell, remember to recalibrate the scale later.

Hope this blog helps you to keep a check on your load cells. If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us.


How to use the Tare function on a scale

The tare feature is so valuable and significant that it has a devoted button on digital scales. In this blog, we will get in details about a scales tare feature, ways to utilize tare weighing devices and its importance.

Tare weight is represented in kitchen scales, analytic(scientific) and other weighing scales which incorporate a button that resets the display of the scales to zero when an empty compartment is put on the weighing pan, removing the weight of the compartment to just show the weight of the content added to the compartment.

Now that we know what it does, let’s find out how to use it.

Pressing the tare button resets the scale’s display to zero. At the point when you measure a compound, you would prefer not to include the holder’s weight for the reading.To tare the compartment, place it on the weighing pan, wait for a steady reading; then press the tare key to reset the display to zero.On a digital weighing scale, users should simply press the tare key with the compartment or the object on the weighing pan. For eg, in the event that you place a compartment that weighs 50g on the pan and press “Tare”, the balance will go from displaying “50.00 g” to “0.00 g”. If you remove the compartment, the balance will display”- 50.00 g”. In this case, when you’re finished try to reset the scale back to zero, or the following measurement won’t be exact.

The tare feature saves a great deal of time and is utilized in each industry because numbers of things that should be weighed are put in a holder or bundle.Indeed, even with raw materials that aren’t packaged yet, utilizing a compartment to weigh things can help keep the scale cleanand in labs, containers are typically used to avoid cross contamination.

Another extremely basic application is to utilize the tare feature to make mixes or clusters in lab or production offices. You can utilize the tare feature when you need to add ingredients together, yet need the weight of every ingredient added. So for eg, in case you’re adding ingredients together to follow a formula in a lab, you have to weigh accurately the amount of every ingredient that is going into the mixture without weighing everything independently before mixing them.A few mixes can totally change the taste or toxicity of the final item, so it’s critical to be exact.

For this situation, you would put your first item on the container and record the weight, then press the tare key. Keep putting each item and pressing the tare key for each item. When you remove all of the items from the weighing pan, the balance will give you a negative figure, which would be the total weight of all of the items that you have measured.

Tare function is significant when weighing in small amounts. Imaging you were additionally charged for the weight of the container when you purchase new meat. Plus on a larger scale, containers can weigh anything from a couple of kilos to a couple of tons. That’s a costly discrepancy!

The only thing to be cautious about is over-loading when utilizing the tare function.When utilizing the tare function on a balance or scale, remember that you are detracting from the full capacity of the scale.For example, if the capacity of the scale is 1000g and you tare a container that weighs 200g, and then you have 800g left of weighing range before you would overload the scale. The holder and the things weighed should not surpass the capacity of the scale.

We trust this was useful in understanding of the tare function. If you still have any doubts, feel free to mention them in the comments below. Also, if you want us to write a blog on any other topic, do let us know your suggestions.


What is a BMI Scale?

A body composition scale is a kind of weighing scale which gives the client a calculation of their body health. Body Composition scales can show body fat percentage, water balance, BMI (Body Mass Index), muscle weight, bone mass, metabolic age, and visceral fat and over time the user can see, in detail, the after effects of their weight loss or workout regime. In times of rising obesity, knowledge of body composition can help patients, gym members, weight watchers, dieticians and anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle.

ATOM Scales body composition scales use biometric impedance to calculate the readings. This implies a protected and extremely little electrical flow move through the body from the base of the scale. It works in light of the fact that electrical current moves through matter, for example, water, fat and muscle, at various rates – permitting the scale to compute the volume of every component inside the body dependent on the speed of the electrical flow.

Wellness centres, exercise centres, gyms, spas and hotels are only a portion of the organizations that utilize high-quality muscle to fat ratio scales with BMI calculation. Body composition scales with ultrasonic technology allow measurements to be taken with ease and can be monitored to show positive improvements from when a user begins their fitness routine to present, permitting health specialists to record a client’s advancement at standard stretches within their training program.

To get precise information, individuals enter their gender, age, and height into the incorporated scale programming. Body Composition scales are upheld with the applications that allow the clients to track measurement and make an outcome on their eating routine and training. Scales synchronize with the application utilizing either WiFi or Bluetooth.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) gives these ranges of values for different populations:

We hope this blog post will assist you with understanding the estimations the scales give and to guarantee you take advantage of your body composition scale. If you still need any more assistance, connect with our team.


How to use the piece counting function of a scale

PIECE COUNTING SCALES use high precision strain gauges to measure precisely the weight of an object to compute number of pieces. These counting scales are flexible weighing machines that can be utilized for counting and weighing objects at the same time. Ordinary scales only include checking weight. Counting scales come in a variety of sizes that can be utilized on a work desk or a floor separately and are ideal for quality control centres, retail warehouses, production facilities and factory environments.

A counting scale does not only weigh, but also includes the number of pieces in a lot. It does this by using a sample weight (either the first piece, or a weight you enter yourself through the keypad) and dividing the total weight by the weight of the sample.

Remember that the scale counts by dividing the complete weight by the sample weight.So you can’t put screws and bolts of different weights and get the right result. It only works with items that all have the same weight.

Counting scales are particularly common in quality assurance offices and retail distribution centres for checking the number of pieces in a lot before being endorsed for dispatch.In addition, other manufacturing based businesses such as printers, CD manufacturers, metal workers and plumbing supply companies often use counting scales. For instance, plumbing supply organizations can count the number of copper fittings they have left in a box, or update their equipment tally without having to physically check each piece.They are also very useful for inventory taking, manufacturing and packaging. They allow you to not only check the number of pieces in a lot, but also to create lots that always have the right amount of material, and are perfect for counting a large amount of the same material.

Counting scales can also count coins or tokens when closing a store or totalling amounts and help reduce waste when filling packages and containers. The primary benefit of owning a counting scale saves time and money.

As usual, consider your necessities and the applications you need your balance or scale to perform.Don’t hesitate to contact us to if you have questions, and browse our website to see our selection of professional piece counting scales.


Best Weighing Scale for Jewellers

Jewellery scales are nothing but digital scales used for weighing gold, gemstones and different valuable metals in gram and carat increments. The normal type of jewellery scales includes pocket scales, compact balances and compact precision balances.

The Weight of jewellery is a significant factor for deciding its worth.

If you are a jewellery specialist, using a precise scale guarantees that costs for your jewellery is in accordance with the market cost, and not being sold at a lesser price. From a customer’s perspective, in the event that you are selling gemstones to a wholesale purchaser, the estimation of the gems depends on weight and current market value. That is the reason it is essential that the weight is taken on an accurate and precise jewellery scale.

Picking the best jewellery scale for your requirements can be difficult. It is important to consider how you intend to use your scale, as well as the weighing capacity, pan size and readability you are going to need. For instance, if you work away and are on the move, a compact digital jewellery scale, such as a compact scale or pocket scale may be more helpful. If you own a gold trading business, you will require trade approved gold scales in order to purchase or sell gold economically. Or, if you are looking for the most precise results possible, then a reliable milligram scale such as precision or analytical balance would be needed.

Here are our recommended jewellery scales for you.

ATOM A 115c

Whether you’re looking for an accurate weighing device for your jewellery or you need a scale for lab work, the ATOM A 115c can provide you with all the features you need to accomplish your tasks. This unit has a maximum capacity of 500 grams, and thanks to its highly sensitive sensors, it can weigh small objects in increments of 0.01 grams or 10 milligrams.

With a simple push of a button, you can switch between several measurement units, from the standard carats to grams, ounces, and grains. You can measure a wide range of gems, valuable metals, and jewels and guarantee that you get a precise reading.

ATOM A 110c

The user-friendly design, sturdy construction, easy to use functionality, and affordable price; all together make A 110c digital jewellery scale from ATOM a worthy product. The high-precision technology along with the versatility and convenience will meet all your requirements.

This unit has a maximum capacity of 600gm and accuracy of 10 milligrams.

ATOM A 102

ATOM A 102 is a digital scale that comes with a compact design, precise functions, as well as a few extra features that make it ideal for measuring jewels and other small items. This product can accurately weigh items up to 1000 grams in weight, with 0.01-gram increments which are enough for small gems, rings, precious metals such as gold, etc.

This product comes with all the functions you can expect from a quality digital scale. You can use the mode button to set the unit to display readings in your preferred weight type such as grams, ounces, or carats. For items that need to be measured in a tray, you can use the tare function to ensure that you only weigh the item without the container.

ATOM A 107

The first thing you will notice about this high-quality scale is that it comes with all the needed accessories. It is delivered with a clear glass windshield protection for easy reading.

It works well with small amounts, so you will find it handy not only for jewellery and precious stones, but also for medication, herbs, and other ingredients that need to be measured as accurately as possible. The shield that protects the weighing surface prevents accidents that could affect its calibration.

MH 3018

It is the best weighing machine for measuring gems pieces, jewellery and other important items. This digital scale is an ideal device made for weighing jewels and small-sized precious objects like coins, jewellery, gold, gemstones, silver, etc. It is designing to be highly professional accuracy of around 0.001grams. This machine has got a very high capacity of around 60 grams.

It is a small-sized, conveniently designed and compact machine that has the ability to perform accurate measurements. Some of its distinctive features include portability, a flip-open protective cover that safeguards the weighing platform along with a backlit LCD display panel. All these features make it quite easy to read.

Hope this blog helps you to decide about the jewellery scale you need to have in your life.